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    It's impossible to argue about a single thing. You just start arguing about the semantics for your previous arguments. It's like inception #

    There is no pretty way to write devalueing #


    How does she have 2700 followers? What is wrong with people? #

    Instead of doing #FollowFriday I just retest everything said by people you should be following #

    And I also act as a filter for people that only tweeted good things some of the time #

    What a great value! And all this could be yours for the low price of putting up with all the other crap I tweet! #

    BUT WAIT- there's more! #

    (there's not more) #

    Twitter could really use an icon next to people's names when they're following you #

    . @botherer Okay, so here's what I want: TWO great, awesome fun platformers, that aren't made of retro pixels. That I haven't played yet. in reply to botherer #

    If I retweet everything someone says, that just means you should be following them. It's not a choice @botherer in reply to botherer #

    Thank you twitter, you've kept me occupied for a whole hour. I didn't need reddit or anything! #

    SwiftKey X refuses to put swear words as default suggestion. I appreciate the paternal instinct, but please duck off #

    I'm such a hipster, I have a Tumblr wait- #

    I don't have a Tumblr #

    I knew it was too good to be true. I've got a new #teamfollowback spambot now #

    Seeing people typing @zision is sorta wierd.. Maybe I should rename myself @zac_aj or @_zacaj_ or something... # is an example of good website design. WHAT THIS SITE IS in a nice box right on the front page. No banners or anything #

    DAMNIT, they require 8 digit passwords. All that praise WASTED #

    Well, after an amazing start, backloggery just went straight downhill. Now im on my main page and I have no clue whats going on. Bad design #

    Who the FUCK redesigned the Chrome new tab page? What was wrong with the old one? #

    The Answer: NOTHING. It was PERFECT #

    Hey I got a formspring because otherwise I KNOW someone would take my name #

    What I learned today: If you leave a bag of candy in front of me, I WILL eat all of it. It will last EXACTLY one day. #

    Im now following @xzyliac because X is three letters from the end of the alphabet. OH NO HL3 is THE END WHY WOULD YOU END IT VALVE? #

    This reminds me that I need to send Valve HQ $100 in an envelope for the special secret preorder bonus on #HL3 #

    If I did that then when it was available for preorder Id probably find it already in my Steam inventory, because Valve is awesome #

    Even though all they ever made was Half-Life, Portal and a bunch of shitty multiplayer games. Either would have been good enough for me #

    *I got retweeted* *I got retweeted* *spins around snapping fingers* Lets do the retweet dance everybody! #

    OOH a RT and a follow from @xzyliac ! Thats like peanut butter AND chocolate! #

    *I got retweeted* *I got retweeted* *spins around snapping fingers* Lets do the retweet dance again everybody! #


    The Problem with Advertising on Wikipedia #

    "well that's a knee to the balls of progress" #

    Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol: 3/5 #

    Lots, of songs seem to have really awesome lyrics until you read them. Exogenesis Symphony - Muse being a prime example. Especially part 2 #

    "you know I wouldn't hurt my own son! (henchman), hurt my son" #justified #

    "Is he good with a gun?" "He could drop you with a cap gun" #

    #justified has the most fitting theme music I've ever seen #

    For some reason it blows my mind that 2 is 10% of 20 #

    How does it work #

    ? #

    "you're going to have to ride in the back, most people wouldn't understand our age difference. Or the tape" #justified #

    Damnit Darker than Black,you did the fade to white and then everything is OK but the magic is gone ending! And I had such high hopes for you #

    I swear, every show ends like this. It's fucking unbelievable. Did they all go to some convention or something? #

    T's got to be the biggest cliche ever besides 'hero gets the girl,' and it's EVERYWHERE! #

    Chronicles of Riddick is $5 on steam. You need to buy the third best FPS ever right now #

    Just to give you an idea, at the same price, id reccomend it over GTA IV #

    Damnit how do you spell reccomend? recommend? Damnit first try and I get it right. Now how about completely? DAMNIT #


    I think my favorite curses are DAMNIT FUCKING and BUFFERING #

    Also, WHAT THE HELL works pretty well. Everything else seems like youre trying too hard #

    Why do I play scrabble? Despite knowing tons of words I never seem to score any points. #

    Scrabble isnt who knows the most words its who knows the most words that use common letters, and xzq and are about 5 letters long #

    I think I just sneezed soo hard I pressed keys on my keyboard... Its like a cat walked on it, but I don't have a cat. #



    Ripping all data out of DOOM 3 for engine testing... #

    Model not rendering correctly->wonder if its problem with specific model or code->look for another model->cant find any on internet->scream #

    Sooo... it SEEMS to work on a skeleton I stole from DOOM 3..... Uh... Yeah #



    We get it twitter, Die Hard takes place on Christmas. So does Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. And yet the only thing on TV is A Christmas Story #

    COMMIT 102: Its ALIVE!!!! (and its shoulders are broken) #

    I love when I pick a random hardcoded number and it works perfectly, no tuning required #

    Twenty minutes and 8 tabs later, my RSS feed is fixed! Check it out, in all its unentered XML glory</sarcasm>! http:/// #

    Sorry, #

    See what I did there? I mentioned my RSS feed twice, but you only though I did it once, didnt you? #

    *thought #

    I did it again! #

    What would have been only one tweet has now been spread out over 5 tweets! Wait, 6! MUAAHAHA #

    Today: Christmas. Tomorrow: 4 teeth removed #



    "what's the plan?" "first, we pretend to try to kill the ambassador, then, we kill the ambassador" #

    #misfits s01e06 is amazing #

    Yay! I can't feel my mouth! #

    "it assigns a number key to each slot, so you can select the first stack by pressing 0, the second stack by pressing 1 etc...Wait a sec." #

    RB: Programmers cant do UI Design: #

    My mouth hurts like crazy, and I just instinctually sang along to a song. *ow* #

    Hint: if your game is multiplayer and you offer a buy two get one half off discount, I WILL BUY YOUR GAME #

    Retrospectively, I probably should have check that 700GB of files successfully copied to the new HDD before deleting them from the old one #

    Dear Logitech: why the FUCK do I have to log in to my TV REMOTE syncing program? Is someone else going to steal my configuration? What? #


    That time when you get something working and then remove debugging code and it stops... #

    IT WORKS!!!! I think? #

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: 4/5 @evil_communist #

    My Christmas presents: a hard drive and a box of chicken n'a biscuits #


    Test #

    Finally something I want to buy in the Steam sale, and it turns out Steam errors whenever I click buy #

    Talking about my name reminds me of how stupid @zacaj STOLE it #

    Your name is fucking Alyson Bertram, why is your username zacaj!?!?!? #

    Hey @zacaj, will you please change your buffering name? #

    I used buffering as a curse because I've been using fucking to much, and I thought it was time for some variety #

    You never know how far you can go until you go too far #

    If you spill a $100 bottle of wine on a $200 shirt, the result is worth approximately $20, unlike the $300 I expected @madeupstats # It has begun #

    Searched Steam for RAGE, accidently hit Caps Lock before started typing. #

    Its scary how much money is spent on movies that dont seem to make much back #

    Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows: 4/5 #

    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: 4.5/5 #

    Googled: "sort joints to parent is before child" 1st result: How to win custody of your kids #

    Hrm....Do I make an algorithim to sort all the joints, or just do a check and skip the optimization when theyre not... #


    . @JKeverne after you make The Prestige everything else is downhill by definition in reply to JKeverne #

    App stores need the ability to mark as app 'I don't care about this update' so they'll stop telling me there are useless updates available #

    I was going to tweet lamenting that interesting twitter discussions always end 30 min before I wake up, then realized id, mixed up am and pm #

    The enemy of my friend is my enemy #

    Want free steam gifts?;topicseen#new #


    Ive just bought the humble bundle. I mean, its just too cheap NOT to #

    Thanks to the Humble Bundle my Steam games list is more than a page long, and Ive installed less than half of them #

    Where are your followers? What are their jobs and hobbies? New Twitter app helps you #KnowYourFollowers #

    The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne: 1.5/5 #

    I really hated that book #

    In fact, its the worst book Ive ever finished. Thats an accomplishment, considering the amount of books Ive read #

    I'm bringing followed by an Italian power metal band #

    "like a, high five with Edward scissorhands" #

    "you can knock off all that 'your honor' crap, sir is fine" #Justified #

    Im not sure @newton64 following me should have made me nearly as happy as it did... #

    If I could Id retweet that twice. Or three times. Actually, Id just have it on a 1 day loop until I finished reading it. In December #

    I think Ill announce whenever anyone follows me. If its a spambot, Ill just make fun of it badly #