Homebrew Pinball #3, Part 11

Cross posted from the original Pinside thread, this is one of many posts regarding my third homebrew pinball machine, creatively nicknamed 'P3'

Bottom of the playfield already getting pretty crowded...

Before I got much farther, I realized I'd forgotten to cut the magnet holes in the bottom. Those will need to be done with the router, which needs some space, so I'll need to remove all the mechs in the area and the support rails.

I very scientifically traced the magnet out, and routed out a depression:

I wanted to hook it up to test, but that meant installing the relay somewhere. When I was looking around for the best place to put it, I realized that this was a bit dangerous, as I didn't know where any of the lights, switches, or wiring was going to go. I tried to mark out roughly where I was picturing things, and that actually left me with no safe spaces to put the relay! I'm sure once it's all done there'll be room, especially in the middle of the upper playfield area, but I have no idea what sort of lights are going to be up there now, so I want to avoid mounting anything there. Then, I realized the one area I knew was safe...

Posted Monday, September 14, 2020
at 09:39 AM

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