Homebrew Pinball #3, Part 33

Cross posted from the original Pinside thread, this is one of many posts regarding my third homebrew pinball machine, creatively nicknamed 'P3'

My screen still hasn't arrived, so I gave up and ordered another one. Hopefully it will arrive eventually..

In the mean time, I tried out an idea I'd been toying with for a while. I don't know where any of my lights will go, or how the art will look, and it's hard to play with that, so why not make some temporary artwork?

I dug out an old projector, and hung it from a 2x4 sticking out from my upstairs landing, and lined up the game underneath, then I loaded up a quick mockup:

I expected it to be a bit hard to play like this but it was actually surprisingly easy to ignore and play like normal. The quality isn't very good though; the cards aren't readable even at 1080p. With a 4k projector this might be workable beyond rough prototyping, but it'll probably work for now. I also had to put the projector really high up, probably 10+ft off the ground. Gets to be a real pain turning it off and on without a remote

With this I'm hoping I can get the game much more fleshed out before needing to commit to making a new playfield and moving everything over

Posted Tuesday, October 13, 2020
at 10:14 AM

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